Holy Magic

HOLY MAGIC (is my band).

**Click below to listen to my debut single featuring Imogen Heap's radical #mimuglove technology.**

My poor #mimugloves have been in their case for months but I'm about to bust them out again for band practice when the summer is over. If you haven't heard my first single, Tennis, GO HERE.

I've got a sweet second single almost finished and much to come with Holy Magic. Very exciting things about to happen.

2018 update!

So much going on these days! Here are some of my current projects: 1. I just launched a knowledge commerce company, 2. I'm about to jump back into heavy band practice with my #mimugloves (my band is Holy Magic), 3. I'm still granting superpowers to worthy hearts, AND 4. I won't be in the painting studio again for a while but putting together a waiting list for winter commissions (message me!).

#superpowers Need some?

**I've got you covered. Click below.**


One tiny street project. One GIANT transmission: SUPERPOWERS ACTIVATED! AMPING UP THE LIGHT. 2 feet at a time. #getsprpwrs #superpowers

What you want wants you.

**Define your dream. I'll show you a cool way to achieve it. Click below to NERD UP with SUPERCRUSH.**

I just launched a brand new knowledge commerce company called, SUPERCRUSH. I teach people how to build a profitable business (in pajamas). 

Click here for my free BUILD YOUR COURSE: Obstacle Buster training where I reveal the latest new tech innovations for those who want to build and launch an online course from scratch.